It’s been a busy year for all of us at CST Precision – we’re excited and proud to announce that we’ve just earned our ISO 9001 and 13485 certifications. For the past 12 months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to achieve these two important goals. Together, they represent a long-term investment and a significant amount of effort. What’s more, these certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality management and continuous improvement – and that means we’ll be able to provide even better customer service to you.

In order to get our ISO 9001 certification, we had to identify and document all of the successful procedures and processes that go into making parts to spec for customers just like you. But that’s only the beginning – we then hold ourselves accountable to replicating those procedures and processes each and every time we do business. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to establishing a robust quality management system that increases the likelihood of everything we make being exactly what we intend to make. All of this ensures consistency, success, and maximum customer satisfaction.

Our new ISO 13485 certification is a little more specialized than ISO 9001, but just as exciting. It’s a designation of quality management that applies to the medical device space. Think of it as the gold standard for this market. Specifically, ISO 13485 focuses on the areas of risk assessment, risk mitigation, and patient safety in the manufacture of medical device components. With ISO 13485, we can now enter a brand-new market and pursue the business opportunities it provides.

Our dedication to quality management and continuous improvement is good news for you too!

Whether you’re already one of our valued customers, or you’re considering a relationship with us, we invite you to learn more about our ISO certifications. We’d love to chat with you about the exclusive club we’ve just joined, and how it can help us serve you better.