Our Approach

Six-Step Process



During this step we work to identify critical requirements, design constraints, and desired functional characteristics. We work to identify all factors to consider when selecting a manufacturing method including timelines, volumes, economics, scalability, and technical specifications.


Engineering Review

After discovery, we work to create the framework for a manufacturing, design, and development plan with considerations for all factors learned in the discovery step.


Design & Manufacturability Feedback

Ideally methods and technologies exist to readily satisfy our customers manufacturing needs and we can offer a quote, but sometimes further discussion and compromise is required to establish next steps in pursuit of an end goal.


Scope Definition

At this stage, we provide a quote establishing the details of services and the scope of the project for CST Precision to execute.



Receive a purchase order, execute work aligned with the scope definition outlined in the quote and deliver accordingly.


Service & Scalability for Growth

Service after the sale is vital to CST Precision’s long-term success. Our customers’ feedback on our performance is critical to our growth and desire for extended mutually beneficial relationships.

CST Precision has proven results that lead to a partnership that we can trust to help us through manufacturing challenges. We continue to use them on innovative designs, general fabrication, CNC Machining, 3D printing, and machine down repairs.

Erik Strohm, Director of Engineering-Alltrista