With President Matthew Welle in place, CST Precision, Inc. will continue to offer customized solutions to existing customers, while pursuing growth in additional markets.

CST Precision specializes in precision component manufacturing, but also can reverse engineer replacement components and parts for emergency repairs, provide design and engineering services, and satisfy project-based manufacturing needs.

Welle has worked in a variety of roles during his career in manufacturing and service-based industries, including production, operations management, engineering, sales, and quality control. This extensive experience has given him the confidence to pursue creating a company with a culture of excellence.

“Each customer has a unique set of circumstances and problems; our approach is to clearly understand those circumstances and align our solutions to meet those challenges,” he said. “We are investing in people and technologies to offer broader solutions to our customers. Our future investments will be driven by the needs of our customers and market trends.” “We will work to distinguish CST Precision by executing a rigorous discovery and engineering process that allows us to customize solutions to satisfy specific requirements of our customer’s unique opportunities”, he said.

The contract manufacturing company, based in Greer, South Carolina, can provide solutions from concept to prototype, to production and supply chain fulfillment.

Continuity, Service and Growth

Welle said the immediate goal of CST Precision is providing continuity of service to the company’s valued existing customers. “Once we have the structure and systems in place to ensure we are meeting the needs of existing customers, we will aggressively pursue growth by offering new solutions to them and expanding our client base,” he said. “The structure and systems we will put in place will be focused on our people, our processes and the quality of our services and products.”Welle said he was blessed to work for successful entrepreneurs in sole ownership companies, leaders in private-equity owned organizations, and executives with publicly-traded companies. “During my time with these companies, I was able to identify the culture I wish to cultivate, foster and create in my own organization,” he said. “I had great examples of the leadership required to make it a reality.”

He said the CST Precision customers require unique solutions.“CST Precision’s team has realized success working within a diverse group of manufacturing technologies while servicing various industries, which gives us the ability to bring unique solutions to our customers,” he said. “Our diversity is our strength, as it gives us the humility and openness required to focus on gaining a genuine understanding of our customer’s needs, only then do we work on solutions.”

Services include:

  1. Multi Axis CNC Machining (milling and turning)
  2. Precision grinding
  3. Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM)
  4. Laser Machining and Engraving
  5. Powder coating
  6. Welding 
  7. Swiss Machining
  8. Engineering and Design for Manufacturability


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